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Links To The Past: Free Stat Tracker!

by Robbie Gillies

World Series of Beer Pong is underway in Vegas. Prediction: Watch out for the RCS team next year.

Another competition we'd dominate.

The South Florida football program has made great strides in the past few years and now have even more in common with the other Florida schools - a scandal!

No longer be a slave to Yahoo! Sports Stat Tracker. Get a free version here.

T-Mac doesn't seem to be happy with the state of the Rockets, but he's also not happy with the state of Darfur.

Since LSU isn't dumb enough to give OSU some motivation, the Buckeyes will take it from ESPN.

Nets won't be moving to Brooklyn until 2010.

"I've never seen a game like that on television, in person, or on the sidelines." Yeah, I don't think a 5 on 2 game happens very often - gotta love women's basketball.

Favre think McCarthy should have won coach of the year. Sorry Favre, any other year he'd be a lock, but you can't compete with 16-0.

And now, people stating the obvious: This college basketball player could do a better job commentating than Emmitt Smith (bottom line of the article) - couldn't we all? Mike Furrey thinks Mike Martz should've run the ball more.

Vick could be back for '09 season with shortened prison sentence.