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Links To The Past: Lupica's A Big Bully

by Robbie Gillies
Allen Iverson

If you were to draft a football team made entirely of basketball players, who would you pick? Mainly agree with the picks, but I'd put Bruce Bowen and Kobe Bryant as the corners, Iverson should probably be a quarterback since he's done it before, and you gotta work in Gilbert Arenas somehow. Maybe as coach of touchdown celebrations? (Bleacher Report)

You know how ESPN has been broadcasting a lot of high school basketball games over the past few years? Well, turns out it's costing those high schools a lot of money. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Word in Arizona is Mike Lupica is a big bully who pushes around girls. (The Big Lead)

Major League Baseball Umpires are being investigated for ties to KKK. (AOL Fanhouse)