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Links To The Past: Ovechkin Visits My Middle School!

by Robbie Gillies

KG would KILL for his teammates. (AOL Fanhouse)

"What did I do?"

During All-Star Weekend, D-League players will compete in a game of H-O-R-S-E. No word yet if horses will be competing in H-U-M-A-N...Family Guy...anyone... (True Hoop)

There's gotta be something in the Malibu water. There was Britney, and Mel, and now Pepperdine coach Vance Walberg. Walberg recently resigned, but prior to resigning he made a player suck on his thumb while the player left the court because he was acting like a "baby". (AOL Fanhouse)

I'm very interested to see how New Mexico State's student section reacts to this recent news. What's college basketball without vulgarity?? (El Paso Times)

Alexander Ovechkin, he's just like Us (you know you've seen this segment while flipping through Us Weekly in line at the grocery store)! Ovechkin just signed a $124 million deal with the Capitals, yet he still gets his hair cut at the Hair Cuttery in Ballston Commons (shout out to the ARL). Ovechkin also played a little floor hockey at Williamsburg Middle School. That's the same middle school that produced three bloggers on this site, including myself. No professional athletes visited when we were there. The best we ever got was McGruff. (DC Sports Bog)

"Dude, you don't have to wear your helmets ALL the time."

Is LeBron sending a message with his shoes? (Sports By Brooks)

Check out which players are severely underpaid in the NFL. (ESPN - Hashmarks)

This one might help you win in NBA Trivia. An even more bizarre scenario than the Heat/Hawks do-over. (Cleveland Plain Dealer).