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Links To The Past: Peyton Manning Or Wes Welker?

by Robbie Gillies

Giants fan dyes dog's hair blue. Michael Vick responds, "Man, that's just cruel." (AOL Fanhouse)

People who thought they looked like certain Patriots sent in pictures to the Boston Globe. Most of them look nothing like the NFL stars. But, this guy DOES look like an NFL player - just not the one they linked him to.

Who knew Peyton Manning looked like Wes Welker?

An interesting look at the man who DIDN'T draft Jordan. (Recliner GM)

Bill Belichick does such a great job keeping his players humble (or more likely brainwashed) but apparently he cannot control the media. The Boston Globe seems to be getting ahead of themselves with this Amazon item.

Belichick is 41-56 without Tom Brady. (Minnesota Star-Tribune)

Here's something else that might make T.O. cry. (Philadelphia Inquirer)