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PM Line: All 32 Bowls, In One Picture Each

by Ryan Hudson

Maybe I'll start including a picture here in the PM Line to go along with some links? Thoughts? Today's comes from the BCS Championship game Monday. Man, Ohio St. couldn't do anything right...

A rather impressive (sad? lonely?) compilation of pictures: its a screen grab from each of the 32 bowl games. (The Wizard Of Odds)

Sorry, Eli. Jessica Simpson will be a no-show for the game this weekend. (NY Post)

Arthur Blank is now making all coaching and GM candidates take IQ tests. Man, I hope those scores become public. (Afraid of Ed Hochuli)

What if the "Tuck Rule" hadn't gone in favor of Tom Brady and the Patriots? (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

(Thanks to The Wizard of Odds for the picture)