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RCS Favorites: Super Bowl Play

by Ryan Hudson

The Super Bowl (please don't sue us, NFL) is now less than a week away, so up until Sunday, four of us here at RCS will be offering up some of our favorite memories involving the Big Game. Yesterday, we looked at our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials. Today: our Favorite Super Bowl Plays:

Robbie: Look, I'm a Bills fan and all of this reminiscing about past Super Bowl's isn't the most pleasurable thing for me. Can you imagine being a die hard Bills fan at the tender ages of 9-12, and witnessing four Super Bowl losses? And to make it worse, I was living in the DC area, and that meant everyone was rooting for the Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI. It's not fun coming back to school on a Monday when all the kids are so happy except you.

So, having blocked out many Super Bowl memories, I still can take pleasure in one's misery as many took pleasure in mine.


Thank you Leon Lett. You were so smug holding that ball out there like that. But, Don Beebe never gave up on the play and slapped the ball out of your careless hands. That play is so memorable I don't even remember who won that game. (Ed. note: Cowboys, 52-17, Super Bowl XXVII.)

Dave: Robbie's not the only one who was upset after SB XXVI. If the Bills had beaten the Redskins, I would have won the first bet I ever made and my elementary school extended day counselor would have owed me big time. I blame Thurman Thomas. As far as I'm concerned, he still owes me that Coke-flavored Slurpee. (Ed. note: The signs of being a gambling degenerate started early.)

Jeff:Robbie returns the favor and steals my favorite play. As a Redskins fan, any embarrassment that befalls the Cowboys results in enjoyment for me. That said, I'll say my favorite play is from a Super Bowl that I didn't even watch live, because I was only six months old.

It was 4th & 1 for the Redskins, on Miami's 43-yard line in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XVII. Trailing 17-13, Joe Gibbs decided it was time for a gamble and called John Riggins' number, who ran left, meeting up with Miami CB Don McNeal. McNeal grabbed onto Riggins' jersey, but with the most famous stiff arm of all time, Riggins shook McNeal off for the first down, and continued all the way to the end zone. Once the Redskins got the lead, they dominated the remainder of the game on their way to their first Super Bowl victory (ed. note - today marks the 25th anniversary of that Super Bowl).

Dave: Scott Norwood's missed field goal, complete with images of the Giants lined up on the sidelines holding hands, is a pretty memorable Super Bowl play. But enough about the Bills.


My favorite play is the play that ended Super Bowl XXXIV. Kevin Dyson with arms extended towards the goal line, getting tackled by the Rams' Mike Jones at the one yard-line.

Ryan: For me, this one was pretty easy. Keep in mind, I'm an unabashed Patriots fan. It was Super Bowl XXXVI, and the Pats were 14-point underdogs heading into their match-up with the St. Louis Rams. Almost no one gave them a chance to even compete (things certainly have changed a bit between now and then, huh?). With 8:49 left in the second quarter, corner back Ty Law stepped in front of Isaac Bruce, intercepting the Kurt Warner pass, taking it back 47 yards for the touchdown.


It gave the Patriots a 7-3 lead. But, more importantly (and at the risk of sounding extremely overly-dramatic), it gave them - and their fans - a chance. It showed that the Rams were not perfect. This gave the Patriots a chance that "Greatest Show of Turf" COULD be beaten. Plus, it made me jump out of my seat and scream. Not many single plays can do that.