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RCS Favorites: Super Bowl Snack

by Ryan Hudson

The Super Bowl (please don't sue us, NFL) is now less than a week away, so up until Sunday, four of us here at RCS will be offering up some of our favorite memories involving the Big Game. So far, we've looked at our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials and Favorite Plays. Today, Dave's highlight: our Favorite Super Bowl Snacks:

Robbie: I'm going to say a very bold statement right now, but please bare with me.

Nachos are overrated. Yeah, I know, it's like saying, eh, Gisele's not that hot. But, hear me out. It's not that I don't like nachos, but, they're just too messy, and after the first five chips they get all soggy. Also, it gets nearly impossible to get the right amount of cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, cheese and beans onto one chip.

So, my favorite snack: the seven-layer dip. Now, there are probably about 15 items that can be put in a seven-layer dip - here are my seven - 1. beef 2. cheddar cheese 3. beans 4. guacamole 5. salsa (with lime flavoring) 6. onions 7. jalapeños.


Now you can eat a crisp chip every time with just the right amount of whichever ingredients you want.

Dave: Robbie needs to learn how to eat nachos. There's a reason Taco Bell hooks you up with a spork when you order Nachos Supreme....

Anyone think Ryan's favorite snack has something to do with the Patriots? Maybe a cookie with a candy Patriots logo in the middle and "Go Pats" spelled out in chocolate chips? I can see that being a Hudson family favorite.


Dave: Or maybe Ryan just cozies up on the couch with a gigantic bucket of beans and a fork. In between bites he mumbles, "Go Beantown." (Ed. note: I know, it's awful but I HAD to include a "Dave joke.")

Jeff: When it comes to Super Bowl snacks there are some guidelines that must be followed. First off, we don't have the time or space for forks, so lets get food that requires anything other than hands right off the menu. Secondly, I'm gonna want to eat a lot of different things during the Super Bowl, so lets get rid of large items. Dippable items are key. I think there are many foods that are "needed:" wings, ribs, nachos, chips with multiple dips, etc. A great Super Bowl food is mini hot dogs, with various dipping sauces. However, if I'm living in fantasy world, give me scallops wrapped in bacon.


Bacon makes everything better, and these are also bite size, so you don't have to worry about holding onto a piece of food as you eat it, leaving your hands free for beer and cheering.

Dave: Obviously, this is tough. I'd love to say that salsa con queso is my favorite. Its tasty, its compact, and it goes with everything. But there's something holding me back. I'm pretty sure its the way your hand gets all messy when it starts to run out and you have dip further and further in the jar to get the cheese.

Jeff: The key to queso dip is to pour it out of the jar into a bowl. That eliminates most dipping problems. This conversation is going to cause me to spend an outrageous amount of money on snacks this weekend.

Dave: With salsa con queso off the table, the choice becomes obvious: Chex Mix.


Homemade is preferred but if you have to get store-bought, go for Bold flavor. The perfect chex mix contains no nuts or pretzels. Just Chex and bagel chips. Is there anyone who doesn't pick out the bagel chips from Chex mix? No. There isn't. Everyone loves bagel chips in Chex mix. (Ed. note: Seriously, Dave? Chex Mix?!)

Ryan: Growing up a Military brat is the reason I spent five years in Germany during my elementary school and junior high days. And it's also why my brother and I would have to go bed early and then wake up at midnight just to watch the Super Bowl. My favorite memory of those times was not the games or coming up with a good excuse as to why I missed school the next day, but instead the snacks our dad made. The fact that it was two in the morning did not stop him from preparing our number snack request: pizza rolls.


At least, that's what we called it. I guess it was more like a pizza loaf, though. Dad would take dough, layer with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperonis, and then fold the dough around all that and bake. Its pizza, but compact, and more delicious.