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RCS Tackles: Oreos, The Super Bowl and Wrangler Jeans, Part I

by Robbie Gillies

Welcome to another installment of RCS Tackles, where us experts discuss a particular "hot topic" in sports, and whatever else happens to come up. Think of it as "Around the Horn," but hopefully not as painful. In Part I, we take a look at the quarterbacks in the weekend's games. Be sure to come back for Part II later today.

Robbie: Who's ready for the massive amount of articles if a certain two quarterbacks make it to the Super Bowl? If all goes as planned, Eli Manning will be playing against the Chargers, a team he refused to play for forcing a trade for Philip Rivers.


Ryan: That whole situation never made sense to me.
Clearly, he is not designed for a big city/high pressure type of situation. San Diego is more laid back. Plus, it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the US.
Jeff: But they have bad management and they’ll never be a contender.
Ryan: I thought AJ Smith was considered a good GM? He made a smart decision in keeping Michael Turner (only most recent example I can think of).
Jeff: Well yes, AJ Smith actually is good, but I believe Eli didn’t think they had a chance of being a contender. Of course the next year the Chargers made the playoffs.
Ryan: I thought it was just his dad knowing there would be more endorsement opportunities in NYC. Like, I dunno, Oreos!
Robbie: Cause the Manning family needs more commercials.
Jeff: Double Stuff League!
Robbie: I never understood why ANYONE would get regular Oreos.
Ryan: Me either.

Ryan: If you had to pick two QB's to do a Double Stuff League commercial, wouldn't it be the Mannings?
Robbie: How bout the Hasselbecks? They’re almost as successful…
Ryan: I mean, obviously I'm biased, but Tom Brady would never do that.

Robbie: Alright, well obviously Chargers vs. Giants isn't the marquee matchup everyone is looking for. Of course it's Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. Brett Favre and the Packers.
Jeff: I've heard New England is undefeated.
David: I have done a full 180 on New England. At this point they have to be in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre vs Tom Brady, as generic as it is, has to be the Super Bowl.
Robbie: If it's Brady vs. Favre, will it be the most publicized and highest rated Super Bowl of all time?
I think it will be the most viewed Super Bowl ever.
Robbie: Then it begs the question: Which sports reporter will hype it the most?
Jeff: Tough call, I think its a 3 man race between Chris Berman, John Madden, and Peter King. They will have a field day with either the “Oh Those Perfect Pats” or “Favre Walks Off Into The Phoenix Sunset”.
Robbie: I think Kornheiser could be thrown into that mix.
Ryan: Yeah, Kornheiser loves Brady. He said on PTI yesterday that it will be the most viewed Super Bowl ever. And I agree. Here’s why: It's a match-up of two very polarizing teams/figures. At this point, every one in the country has an opinion on Favre. And the same goes for the Patriots. They’re at the point, because of the undefeated season, that literally every snap is important.
David: I'd feel let down without a perfect season, but I’ll still be rooting for the Patriots to lose in the Super Bowl…I’m very confused.
Jeff: I'd be happy without a perfect season. Nothing against the Patriots, but I just don't want to hear all their fans (read Ryan) and every media member talking about how great they are for a whole year.
Ryan: But Jeff, they ARE great.
Jeff: Here we go…
David: I think we're in for a year of talk about how great the Patriots were regardless of what happens.
Robbie: There's no way Dan Shaughnessey would talk about that...
Jeff: Or Tony K, or Wilbon, or Bob Ryan, or Jay Mariotti, or Woody Page, or Skip Bayless...
Robbie: No, Skip Bayless will have someone on the Hot Seat and have them try to convince him the Patriots are the best team ever. In a shocker, they will not convince him. That’s my bold prediction.
Ryan: If the Pats win the Super Bowl, they have to be considered the best NFL team ever.
Jeff: There he goes again. But, on the plus side, if the Pats win it will probably put an end to all of ESPN’s “Are they the best team ever?” talk.
Ryan: At the very least, it'll mean another Mercury Morris appearance.
Jeff: Ryan, does it bother you at all how much of the world will be for Favre and the Packers over the Patriots?
Ryan: Not really -- I've gotten used to the whole “I hate the Patriots” thing.
Jeff: When did everyone go from liking the Patriots to hating them?
Ryan: Probably when they traded for Moss.
Jeff: I hated them after they won one Super Bowl.
Ryan: It wasn't until the Moss trade that all the hype really started. One thing about the Patriots you have to like is all their Super Bowls have been close.
David: Are you saying they aren't that good?
Ryan: Wayyyyyy overrated. Three Super Bowls in five years? An undefeated regular season? A 21-game winning streak?
Robbie: Well, they might be approaching the neighborhood, but they aren't cookin' burgers on the grill yet (eat that Mercury Morris).

Robbie: If it is Packers vs. Patriots - who has a better chance of winning the MVP if their team wins; Favre or Brady?
Jeff: Favre almost automatically gets MVP if the Packers win. Tom Brady doesn't have to get the MVP if the Pats win.
Ryan: If the Packers win the Super Bowl, it will most likely be Favre with the MVP -- he'll have to throw about five INT's to NOT be named MVP.
David: You mean, if he's just having fun out there...
Jeff: He loves to play. What a gunslinger! You think he'll play the Super Bowl in Wranglers?

David: I certainly own more denim nowadays. No thanks to Tom f-ing Brady.


Jeff: Would you say they are, real, comfortable, jeans?
Ryan: He seems to dominate that game in the commercial...
Jeff: That’s because he's just out there having fun.
Robbie: He's not afraid to get a little dirt on em. He's just a blue collar guy. Blue collar and blue jeans.
Jeff: He reminds me of Scott Bakula from Necessary Roughness.


In Part II: Can the Giants really win in Green Bay? Do the Chargers have any chance of winning? Why does Dave hate Ryan Grant so much?