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Sports Writers Think They're Clever

by Robbie Gillies

Let's take a look at a few of the "clever" lines columnists came up with in regard to Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Keep in mind, this is simply from the Monday following the game and not the massive amount of puns and jokes that led up to the Cowboys game. Since the Golden Globes only lasted 30 minutes, I figured we could use some more award time. Well, here are the awards for Romo/Simpson references.

Shaun Powell, Newsday Tony Romo then made a pass that, unfortunately for him, was not as successful as the one he made to Jessica Simpson.
Worst Use Of A Homonym - You know, a word used for two different meanings. Not someone Tim Hardaway hates.
Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports As controversies go, the Romo-Simpson getaway to Cabo San Lucas is about as lame as taking Simpson's singing and acting seriously.
Worst Dig On Jessica - Been pushing hard for dig to replace zing. It's just not happening.
Randy Galloway, Star-Telegram Tony is about to receive a harsh and negative lesson in the power of public perception. His otherwise harmless Mexico beach trip just became toxic. It will haunt him through the next season, if not forever.
Most Ridiculous Statement - Haunt him forever? We will have forgotten about this by the end of the week.
Jim Reeves, Star-Telegram If you really want to see Cowboys, try Hawaii around Pro Bowl time. Or — dare I say it — maybe Mexico?
Most Like A Jay Leno Joke - Let's be clear - this is not a compliment.
Bob Ford, Philadelphia Inquirer There will be critics who wonder if Romo used up all the steam on his passes during his quickie vacation to Mexico with babe-friend Jessica Simpson last weekend. Cowboys fans apparently wanted the quarterback to sequester himself at Valley Ranch and watch tapes of Troy Aikman for excitement.
Most Suggestive - Quickie? Excitement? I guess Ford's mind goes straight in the gutter once the Eagles are no longer in contention.
Alex Marvez, FOX Sports And there was the Yoko Effect: The distraction caused by the budding romance between Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and actress Jessica Simpson that coincided with the team's late-season slide.
Worst Reference To Pop Culture - PreparingComparing Yoko Ono to Jessica Simpson - blasphemy! I won't stand for it.
Woody Paige, Denver Post Jessica Simpson vs. Gisele Bundchen. Never mind
Best Mental Picture - Order it on pay-per-view during halftime of the Super Bowl.