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What You Haven't Heard About Romo's Trip To Mexico

by Robbie Gillies

Tony Romo was seen in Mexico with Jessica Simpson!

"Oh, I guess I'll just look at the playbook later"

But, did you know he signed in to the hotel as Tony Mexico in a sign of solidarity for his NFL brethren Michael Vick?

"I have plenty of time to read now."

Tony Romo also wasn't the only sports celebrity invited. Jessica had to invite Brian McNamee for her daily injections.

"Relax, it's just B12"

If you can't tell I'm getting a little sick of Michael Vick, Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson*, and the whole Clemens steroid stuff. How about we get back to SPORTS.

* OK, so I'm not sick of Jessica Simpson, just all the talk about how Romo is going to lose because of her and things like this.