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It's a Night for Dorky Guys to Hang Out

by Ryan Hudson

If you've ever read any sports blog before, including this one, you've probably heard of Deadspin. So, chances are you know of its author, Will Leitch (the not-so-secret idol of all other bloggers), and his book, Will Leitch: God Save the Fan: How Preening Sportscasters, Athletes Who Speak in the Third Person, and the Occassional Convicted Quarterback Have Taken the fun Out of Sports (and How We Can Get it Back). Seemingly, he tried to set the record for longest title ever (while simultaneously establishing a new mark for the amount of commas used in one book).

Well, tonight, Leitch's book-tour hits Washington, DC, a metro area that is home to this blogger...as well as seemingly every other blog out there.

The reading starts at 7pm, at the Georgetown Barnes & Noble and then the "party" moves across the street for some more "reading" (drinking).