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Links To The Past: I Shoulda Bet On The Missile!

by Robbie Gillies

The only reporter to attend the first combine. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Sometimes, I think to myself, how did I not come up with that? Well, here's an example: "Fidel Castro Steps Down As Cuban President, Al Davis Wins Bet." Genius. (Sportaphile)

A list of this year's McDonald's All-Americans. UNC has three- shocker! (Sports Illustrated)

Steve Greenberg gives his list of what would be the most nerve-racking sports moments. Surprisingly, being a goalie on a penalty kick isn't in there. Dude, if you give up that goal, you can't go back to your home country. Now THAT's nerve-racking. (Sporting News)

It's not often we address somewhat political issues here, but this combines politics with gambling. You could've placed your bets on if the US could shoot down that spy satellite. Turns out it did. (Vegas Watch)