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Links To The Past: "Some of These Guys Have A Bad Attitude Skip"

by Robbie Gillies

Jon Heyman ranks the top 10 GM's in baseball. (Sports Illustrated)

NASCAR is far too boring to watch by yourself. Now there's a place to meet single women who also like to watch cars go around in circles for hours! (With Leather)

What if Chicago and California were to talk to each other? I think it would go something like this. Side note: I'll be headed to Chicago from California this Saturday. And yeah, we are THAT smug. (Bleacher Report)

Skins hired Jim Zorn and he quickly put his foot in his mouth, calling the Redskins colors Maroon and black, when they are in fact burgundy and gold. Well, now there's a blog called "Maroon & Black". (AOL Fanhouse).

"They sure do Strawberry!"

Tim Parent mixes two of my favorite subjects - sports & The Simpsons (before it got bad). He looks at what happened to each baseball player from the "Homer at Bat" episode. (Bleacher Report)