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Links To The Past: Winners & Losers Of The Super Bowl

by Robbie Gillies

Remember how the Hawks and Heat had to make up a game because Shaq was called for a foul he didn't commit? Yeah, well Shaq's no longer on that team... (Bleacher Report)

Belichick wasn't the only one angry about the Super Bowl. Vegas lost big time. Don't worry though, they'll make it up for it on the money wheel.


And while one evil lost, another won. (AOL Fanhouse)

Most people were happy to see the Pats lose. Many New Yorkers would have been even happier had Gisele followed through with her promise. (AOL Fanhouse)

Giants could lose Steve Spagnuolo to the Saved By The Bell's Max Nerdstrom. (JoeSportsFan)

HBO has cancelled "Inside The NFL". This is where the NFL Network could actually make a smart move and get some GOOD programming on their network. (SportsbyBrooks)

Patriots grizzled vet not so grizzly anymore. (Hashmarks)


If you ever listen to Adam Carolla, you know the segment Germany or Florida. Basically, any odd story has to have originated from one of these two places. Well, here's another one (Barstool Sports)