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Looks Like The NBA All-Star Game Needs A New Competition

by Robbie Gillies
Dwight Howard's sticker dunk

Recently it was Dwight Howard who talked about raising the rim to 12 feet in the Slam Dunk Competition. Then, Rudy Gay responded on his blog:

Before I go, I have a message for Dwight:

You have that idea about moving the goal to 12 feet? If you want to do it, go ahead and do it. I'm pretty confident in my jumping ability. If you go before me, I'll leave it up there and do my dunk.

Now, Gerald Green has gotten into the act:

I might see if they can raise mine to 13 feet. I think 12 feet might be a little too short for me.

Of course, raising the rim would kill all creative aspects of the dunk competition (which is the best part). So, the NBA should take a cue from the X Games:

Moto Step-Up

Or, from the Olympics with the high jump. People would definitely be interested in seeing who can actually jump the highest. Players could start at whatever height they want and the rim would be raised two inches after each successful dunk. A player would get three attempts at making the dunk.

There's no way Gerald Green could dunk on a 13 foot hoop, but I'd sure like to see him try.