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More Political-y Goodness

by Ryan Hudson

As Kyle Trygstad mentioned in the RCP Blog, Barack Obama has a new supporter: Greg Oden.

In his own blog today, Oden writes that he spoke on the phone with Obama for "like two minutes," and he "got to talk to him like a real person."

Oden then offered his official backing:

He is a very nice man and I am a big fan. I got the chance to...read up on some of his beliefs and there are things he is doing that I really support like his plan with education, civil rights, and health care. That's why Senator Obama is getting my vote.

However, as Matthew Yglesias points out in The Atlantic, this could actually be bad for the presidential-hopeful from Illinois.
[T]he Portland Trailblazers won the draft lottery, took Oden with the number one pick, and Oden promptly suffered a season-ending injury. So is Obama like the much-hyped prospect who wins up letting your team down? A disturbing thought.

Other endorsements from NBA players that were released today:

Stephen Jackson - David Palmer

Fred Hoiberg - Himself

Carlos Boozer - Mike Gravel

Sam Cassell - John McCain; can relate on time spent in an awful location: Hanoi Hilton; LA Clippers

Mugsy Bogues - Dennis Kucinich

Scott Pollard - Mike Huckabee (really just supporting Chuck Norris, though)