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NBA All-Star Weekend - Now With More Sourpuss

by Ryan Hudson

Bernie Lincicome of the Rocky Mountain News has truly set the bar for curmudgeonly sports writers everywhere. I must say, this is truly amazing work. In just 800 words he manages to disparage not just NBA All-Star weekend, but how basketball players dress, the Pro Bowl, ESPN, the home run derby, gymnastics, the Denver Nuggets, the NHL all-star game, and the evilest of evils, figure skating.

"The affair encourages this kind of peacock flash and flaunt, or to use the official judging criteria, 'artistic ability, imagination, body flow and fan response,' reducing basketball to figure skating, or at least to one of Allen Iverson's drives to the basket."

Bravo, Mr. Lincicome. Your cantankerousness knows no bounds.

(Note: This post is from Dave, but since he has a "real job," I put it up for him.)