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NFL Gambling Doesn't Have To Be Over: NFC Edition

by Robbie Gillies

Sure, the biggest gambling day of the year just ended and you bet on the Patriots to win, Brady to be MVP, the over on points, and you bet on SalesGenie to have the best commercial ("I thought racist pandas were a shoe-in!").

Well, not to worry, compulsive gambler, here's a team-by-team breakdown on prop bets for the off-season.



COWBOYS - First sex tape to come out - T.O. & Paris Hilton or Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson? (One Night In Paris TO is favored 5:1)

GIANTS - Over/Under one year: Time Eli Manning has before media New York media turns on him.

REDSKINS - Skins next head coach - Steve Spagnuolo (1:1)
- Steve Marriuci (2:1)
- Jim Fassel (4:1)
- Dan Snyder (25:1)
- Tom Cruise (100:1)

"Don't hire Gregg Williams. He has too many alien spirits surrounding him."

EAGLES - First to leave Philadelphia - Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid?


PACKERS - Favre retirement pool - Everyone picks a date and the closest without going over wins (no one would've gone over two years ago).

VIKINGS - Over/under 4 - Games Tavaris Jackson will start.

LIONS - The Lions have a tendency of making outrageous claims that fall well short. In 2006, Roy Williams thought his team could score 40 points a game and this past season, Jon Kitna predicted the Lions would win more than 10 games. So, who will be the first to make an outrageous prediction this season?
- Their 2008 Draft pick - 15th overall (3:1)
- Rod Marinelli (5:1)
- Calvin Johnson (10:1)
- Jason Hanson (25:1)
- Anthony Smith - yeah, he's not on the team, but he's good for a prediction, right? (30:1)

BEARS - Free agent the Redskins will pay FAR TOO MUCH FOR - Bernard Berrian or Lance Briggs.


BUCCANEERS - Has Michael Clayton seen the movie Michael Clayton?

PANTHERS - Over/under 6 - Games before they bring Vinny Testaverde back.

"I'd be better than David Carr at age 60"

SAINTS - Odds Charles Grant avoids nightclubs. (1,000:1)

FALCONS - New head coach Mike Smith can't cut it as a head coach and goes back to coaching college at San Diego State. (10:1)


SEAHAWKS - Higher average pick in Fantasy Football in 2008 - Shaun Alexander or Maurice Morris?

CARDINALS- (Been taken off the books- seemingly has already happened) Matt Leinart retires to focus on endorsements and TV appearances.


49ERS - More time spent on the sideline - Mike Nolan or Alex Smith?

- Rams new slogan for 2009 - "Ram it!"