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NFL Gambling Doesn't Have To Be Over: AFC Edition

by Robbie Gillies

Yesterday we looked at prop bets for the NFC. Now, we turn to the AFC, because you still need your gambling fix.



PATRIOTS - First to retire:
- Junior Seau
- Rodney Harrison
- Tedy Bruschi
- Bill Belichick

BILLS - (10:1) Bills defect to the CFL.

JETS - (2:1) Chad Pennington throws a pass over 20 yards next season.

DOLPHINS - (100:1) After a poor start to the season, Ricky Williams gets Bill Parcells to...you know...relax.

"The OTHER Bill didn't inhale, that's NOT the way to do it."


STEELERS - (100:1) Ben Roethlisberger gets into another motorcycle accident

BROWNS - (3:1) Kellen Winslow gets into another motorcycle accident.

BENGALS - Next team Chad Johnson says he wants to play for:
(4:1) Patriots
(5:1) Packers
(30:1) Bengals

RAVENS - (200:1) Kyle Boller leads the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Odds increase to 15:1 if he plays the entire season from his knees.


COLTS - (666:1) Peyton Manning grows a tail and sports a pitchfork next season.

"I gotta do something to get the attention away from my kid brother."

JAGUARS - (1:5) The Jags are an above-average team that has no shot at the Super Bowl.

TITANS - (25:1) Rob Bironas is cut by the Texans and Chris Berman cries himself to sleep because he can no longer say Rob Bironas to the tune of "My Sharona".

TEXANS - (8:1) Odds Chester Pitts gets beat-up in the locker room now that everyone knows he plays the oboe.


CHARGERS - Over/Under 1 million - Times bloggers will use the phrase "Stay Classy" when talking about the Chargers.

BRONCOS - Over/Under 5 - Illegitimate kids Travis Henry had this offseason.

RAIDERS - (10:1) Al Davis finally reveals his true identity.

"We're going to have a KILLER season this year!"

CHIEFS - (50:1) To be politically correct, the Chiefs change their name.

"Great Googly Moogly!"