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RCS Favorites: LEAST Favorite Super Bowl

by Ryan Hudson

The Super Bowl (please don't sue us, NFL) is less than a week tomorrow, so, four of us here at RCS will be offering up some of our favorite memories involving the Big Game. So far, we've looked at our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials, Favorite Plays, Favorite Snacks and Favorite Performances. Today: our LEAST Favorite Super Bowl Performances:

Dave: My least favorite Super Bowl was Brad Johnson and the Bucs versus Rich Gannon and the Raiders, in XXXVII. Huge yawn. Tampa Bay won mostly because, as Ryan pointed out yesterday, Rich Gannon threw the ball to the wrong team. Remember Dexter Jackson? Neither do I, but he was the MVP.


My only real memory of that Super Bowl was being the drunk guy in the corner throwing baby carrots across the room - talk about a Super Sunday.

Jeff: There were so many bad Super Bowls. This is gonna take a while to think about. Almost every Super Bowl in the 90s was non-competitive and uninteresting. And the Cowboys won three of them. Trying to answer this question makes one remember that Super Bowls are more often than not, bad football games.

(Ed. note: Apparently this is the end of Jeff's answer.)

Robbie: [Too busy eating limes in L.A. to respond]


Ryan: Despite our bitter rivalry, I have to side with Dave on this one. Super Bowl XXXVII was pretty awful -- it was 34-9 after the 3rd quarter. And sadly, I had no baby carrots to throw at people. Literally, the only thing I remember about it is that the party I went to in college had A LOT of food at it. And I had to sit on the floor for most of it. I remember that, too.