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Ron Paul Offers His Thoughts on Football

by Ryan Hudson

Since a decent amount of our readers here probably found us via some small political site, I thought this could be a worthwhile link.

"Ron Paul" took the time to contribute a guest column over at EveryDayShouldBeSaturday in which he offers his ideas and general ramblings football, including his take on the game's rules.

Oh, third: rules. You’re free, and that’s a huge responsibility. So when it comes to first downs, we can’t as a nation rely on the oversight of replay officials, or the unsubtle fascism of chalk lines, or even the quiet tyranny of aluminum stands. There’s so much order in this game, it’s a wonder people don’t all wear the same colors to the games! Wait, they do? Well, you know the last time I saw uniforms this consistent and well-arranged? Soviet Russia, my friends, the largest totalitarian regime currently standing on the planet. That’s the road to serfdom, people, and you pay eighty bucks a jersey for it! If you’re that keen on matching, I’ll buy you an Aeroflot ticket to Leningrad myself so you can be somewhere you feel more comfortable, Ivan.

Later, he suggests that we, the people, should make our own betting lines. He's got my vote.