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Slamball is Back!

by Jeff Briggs


If you like trampolines, body checks, slam dunks, and knee injuries waiting to happen, then Slamball is the sport for you. From the New York Times:

The hybrid basketball-gymnastics extreme sport that had a short life on Spike in 2002 and 2003 is being resurrected for a “showcase” season to be taped in June with expectations of selling eight franchises before 2009.

Hey, eight franchises. That means like 80 players. So start practicing your trampoline dunks right now. You might be needed. Of course, the league does not have TV contract for this "showcase" season yet, but they do have a commissioner. This guy:

It's the Pirate on the right

That's right, Pat Croce, former 76ers president. The league is destined for at least as much success as his reality show.

Thanks to Sporting Blog for the link.