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What To Watch: Tuesday

by Robbie Gillies

7pm ET - ESPN - Michigan @ Ohio State - Michigan is just 1-8 in the Big Ten, but all that matters is beating Ohio State...doesn't quite work in basketball does it?

8pm - Versus - Hurricanes @ Predators
- Talk about crazy scheduling - this will be the first time the Hurricanes have played at Nashville since Dec 3rd, 2002. The Hurricanes currently are the third seed in the East because their atop the Southeast division, but a loss would drop them out of the playoffs all together.

9pm - ESPN - #22 Florida @ #7 Tennessee - Worth it to see Tennessee head coach, Bruce Pearl in ridiculous orange.


9pm - ESPN2 - #11 Butler @ Valparaiso
- Butler is one of those teams you won't watch all season, then they'll be a four seed and you'll pick them to be upset because you never watched them play. Here's to maybe getting one more pick right in your office pool.

Non-sports pick - Go ahead and vote...after watching American Idol! -Fox - 8pm
(But, actually vote and watch coverage to see who will most likely be the candidates for the upcoming election.)