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Zell to Sell Wrigley Field Name, Others to Follow

by Jeff Briggs

CEO of the Tribune Co., Sam Zell has made it known that he has no problem selling the naming rights to Wrigley Field.

While baseball purists are uneasy with the thought of Wrigleyville being replaced by FedExville or Mott's Apple Sauceville, the economic impact of naming rights is too great to ignore. Similarly, in an effort to boost tourism and stave off bankruptcy, cities across America are hearing offers for naming rights - and companies are buying in. Taco Bell Town is just the place for Gordita lovers to visit - and the thought of iMac fans flocking to the official Big Apple has corporate execs salivating.

Bismark, ND will be changing its name to Chevy-Chase Bankburg
The Bronx will now be known as KFCity.
Athens, GA? Not anymore, the mayor has plans to change it to Citibank City.

Even though Wrigley Co. may be losing its name on a historic sports landmark, this may be just the time to tag the Twin Cities "Double Mint Gumburg" like they've always wanted.