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Charley Rosen Must Hate Puppies And The First Day Of Spring Too

by Robbie Gillies

A couple days ago Charley Rosen wrote an article about how he could care less about college basketball and how the NBA is so much better.

Here were his reasons:

-Relative to the NBA, the talent level is decidedly low-grade. -The game is much too sloppy, with too many unforced errors and boneheaded decision-making. -By and large, college teams are over-coached. Offenses are mostly ineffective. Defenses are primitive. Substitutions are frequently gratuitous and have little connection with matchups. And the sideline antics of too many coaches are over-the-top. -Dick Vitale and his cohorts are shrill shills. -The college refs are part-time employees and their work reveals their incomplete understanding of the game. -The relative paucity of college telecasts, along with the seemingly infinite number of college teams, renders even the most devout fans unfamiliar with the dramatis persona. -The only allure during the tournament is the constant threat of dramatic upsets. But except for bettors and alumni, who really cares?

Who really cares?? How about the millions of people riveted by the likes of Davidson's Stephen Curry hitting clutch shot after clutch shot, or Ty Rogers of Western Kentucky who hit the game-winning shot in overtime against Drake. Of course the talent level is worse and the refs probably aren't as good (ask seemingly every team that plays UCLA), but discovering a school like Western Kentucky and rooting for the underdog is what March Madness is all about. It's the obscurity of the unknown and the drama that is created that compels so many people and not simply "bettors and alumni."

But, I hardly need to argue for why Charley Rosen is so wrong. If you continue to read this article he loses all credibility when he starts to break down a game between the Cavaliers and Raptors. The Cavs and Raptors? Really? Had he chosen any of the teams in the Western Conference playoff race or either the Celtics or the Pistons perhaps I could give him a little more credence, but as it is, Charley Rosen just sounds like a cranky old man who needs a nap.