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He's Got High Hopes (Sung to Frank Sinatra Song)

by Robbie Gillies

This is Ovie Mughelli.
"That guy?"
No, that's Joey Harrington. He took over for Michael Vick as Falcons QB last season.
No, that's DeMeco Ryans. He was seventh in the league in tackles last season.
Nope. that's Alge Crumpler. One of the only offensive weapons the Falcons had last year...and they got rid of him. No, Ovie Mughelli is the other guy. That guy in the center. #34, by far the least famous player in that picture. And he has a blog! Let's see what Mughelli has to say.

Yesterday was the first day of team meetings, and it allowed me to witness the reshaping of our organization. It is definitely a lot more quiet with Crump, Wayne Gandy, Rod Coleman and especially "Mouth of the South" DeAngelo Hall no longer with us.

Yardbarker, to be honest, DeAngelo and I did not get along that well when I first arrived (to keep it really real we never got along).

Two, things: 1. Quiet doesn't necessarily mean better. You lost two of your best players in DeAngelo Hall and Alge Crumpler, get ready to be part of one of the worst teams in the league (again).
And 2. I love how he addresses Yardbarker. He's talking to the site he is blogging for...

But back to our 1st day volumandatory (I made this word up.) Because it says "voluntary" on the schedule, but if you don't show up to these workouts and meetings you might not want to show up at all).

Alright, some actual insight. And who doesn't like made-up words? I like it so far. As long as he doesn't say something completely ridiculous, I'm going to view this as a successful blog post...

I had the chance to meet Michael Turner, the man for whom I am going to be blocking in the years to come. I believe the synergy there will lead to great things on the field. After reuniting with the Boys, meeting Turner and the new staff, all I can think of is Championship.

So, after the first "volumnadatory" you're calling for a Championship? Despite the NFL being a league where parity rules, I can say with complete confidence you will not be competing for a Championship this season Ovie.