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Just Another Reason To Love Charles Barkley

by Robbie Gillies

Charles Barkley is by far the best current sports analyst because he speaks his mind. He'll come right and say something like, "Why we spendin' our time watchin' Heat vs. Pacers highlights?" But, Barkley raised his level once again in my eyes.

Last night following the Lakers ending the Jazz's 19-game home winning streak, Barkley was explaining why Kobe Bryant is his current choice for MVP, but unfortunately he doesn't get a vote:

For further proof that Mariotti is a numb skull, just check out the title of his most recent article. "Hold the Mayo"?? Really? How long did that take you to come up with? Were you choosing between that and "Throw The OJ Away Cause It's Spoiled"?

And as for Bayless, well, if you need proof, perhaps you are a numb skull.