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Links To The Past: Scrooge McDuck Could Easily Afford Tickets To Last Game At Yankee Stadium

by Robbie Gillies

Here a list of the 10 Most Bizarre Athlete Superstitions. Moises Alou can take 4-6 weeks off from peeing on his hands while dealing with his hernia. (MentalFloss.com)

What's more American than baseball? Eating and eating a lot. Well, these two have been combined with more and more frequency. At least 13 stadiums are offering all-you-can-eat deals. God Bless America, my home sweet home. (AOL Fanhouse)

Get ready for ESPN's ticker to go vertical March 30th. (USA Today)

Remember when Barry Bonds' 756th home run ball was purchased by Mark Ecko and he attached an asterisk to the ball? Well, that ball is on it's way to Cooperstown. (AOL Fanhouse)

This reporter is not happy
with SportsCenter's producers. Gets them back with extremely sarcastic letter. (Awful Announcing)

I think a negative comment on eBay is the least of UVA's Mike Brown's worries in this situation. (AOL Fanhouse)

People are willing to pay $17,000 to see the Orioles play? Sure, Jay Gibbons is on the team but...oh what's that? It's the last Yankees game at Yankee Stadium? I guess that makes a little more sense. (Newsday)

Scrooge McDuck really paved the way for people like Pacman Jones and Floyd Mayweather. (Sportaphile)