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From the "Stuff You Just Can't Make Up" Department

by Ryan Hudson

Earlier today, a 13-year old girl from Bristol, Conn., was taking a tour of Fenway Park. It's something probably literally millions of people have done before (I've gone on two tours myself). She was (most likely) just minding her own business, taking in the sights of "America's Favorite Ballpark." That's when the picture above happened.

Yep, a hawk attacked her (and someone from the Boston Globe had a camera ready?!).

A 13-year-old taking a tour of Fenway Park today was attacked by a red-tailed hawk that swooped off its nest, drawing blood from the girl’s scalp.
“She’s fine, a little shaken, but OK,” said Vince Jennetta, a teacher who chaperoned Rodriguez's class trip from Memorial Boulevard Middle School in Bristol, Conn.
The 3 1/2-pound hawk has been building nests at Fenway since 2002, but has always been chased out before opening day so she and her mate could find a new home, said Tom French, assistant director of MassWildlife.

Now, for what we call the "kicker" in the business (what business?). The girl's name? Alexa Rodriguez.