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Ladies & Gentlemen: Your Minnesota Timberwolves!

by Robbie Gillies

The Timberwolves are bad! (How bad are they?)

COURTESY: Odenized

So bad that Corey Brewer can miss both a dunk and a layup in the same possession. But, don't worry because if you're a Timberwolves fan, you're about to be rewarded for them being so bad. You can get season tickets for as low as $43 dollars for the ENTIRE season! At first I thought this was a joke, but looks legit since it's coming from their own website. The deal is, you pay an amount equal to $1 multiplied by their draft position per game. So, if the Timberwolves get the 1st pick overall that'll be $43 dollars, if they get the second overall, that would be $85 (I guess you start by putting down one dollar). If I lived in Minnesota I'd be all over this. They're a young team who should be getting a good if not great player in this year's draft. $43 is less than the cheapest seats at most basketball games.

That's what I call fan appreciation (read - Wreaks of desperation). This SO trumps the Knicks all-you-can-eat in the final game of the season.