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NBA Playoff Preview: Magic vs. Raptors

by Robbie Gillies

#3 Orlando Magic vs. #6 Toronto Raptors
(Season Series –2-1 Magic)

Average Score: 109-103 Raptors
YouTube Battle: Dwight Howard dunk vs. Chris Bosh self-promotion video - I gotta say, I think Chris Bosh's video is a bit more creative.
Most Foreign Players: Raptors have Andrea Bargnani, Primoz Brezec, Jose Calderon, Carlos Delfino, Jorge Garbajosa, Rasho Nesterovic. Makes sense since they’re the only international NBA team.
Stephen A. Smith’s take:

"Rasho Nesterovic?!?!?!?!?!"

Keith Van Horn Award (Most Overpaid Player): For this we brought back Stephen A. Smith: "RASHO NESTEROVIC!!! He’s makin $7.84 million?? You know how many cheez doodles that could buy?”

You’ll Know It’s Over When: JJ Redick gets some playing time.
Glenn Robinson Award ("He's Still In The League?" Award): Adonal Foyle (Magic)
Scary Thought: Dwight Howard is only 22 years old.
On-Court Trash Talk: Magic – “How does it feel to be America’s hat?”
Raptors -“Hey, how’s that American dollar treating you, eh?”

How The Magic Will Win: Dwight Howard will dominate the paint and when they double team him, the Turkish Assassin will make them pay.
How The Raptors Will Win: They will sign Doomsday to a 10-day contract.