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NBA Playoff Preview: Pistons vs. 76ers

by Robbie Gillies

#2 Detroit Pistons vs. #7 Philadelphia 76ers
(Season Series –2-2)

Average Score: 86-85 Pistons

Most Misunderstood:
RASHEED WALLACE - Sure, he didn’t want to attend the All-Star game, but that’s because he wanted a vacation because he tries so hard during the REAL games. Yeah, he gets tons of technical fouls, but do you know who also gets tons? Kobe Bryant. They’re both ultra-competitive and thus can’t control their emotions.
Most Annoying Moment (s): Detroit Announcer John Mason: "DEEEETROIT….BASKETBALL!"
Player You’ve Never Heard Of: THADDEUS YOUNG. Many people questioned the 76ers pick of Young with the 12th pick overall including David Aldridge. Young responded to Aldridge:

You're not stupid at all. At that time, he was probably the better pick. 'Cause he did more in college than I did. And he was a four-year, a five-year guy. He was a redshirt, I think. He had much more college experience. He had played at high intensity all four years he played at Florida State. He was a great player. I only had one year of college.

While Thornton still might have been the better pick, Young has averaged about 10 points and 5 rebounds over the last three months of the season and it's no coincidence that the 76ers have played their best ball since he started to produce.
Rap Battle: Eminem vs. The Roots - The Roots win this one, and it's not even close. Eminem hasn't had a decent album since The Marshall Mathers LP, and that was eight years ago. He also introduced 50 Cent to the world, and for that, he should forever be punished. Plus, the Roots are just awesome.
This Guy’s A Basketball Player?: Walter Herrmann of the Pistons


Notable Video: Tayshaun Prince gets THIS reaction for taking off his shirt?

Chris Berman Pretend Nicknames: For the 76ers: Kevin Ollie “Olly Oxen Free!”
For the Pistons: Antonio Mc “Rollin the Dice”!

How The Pistons Will Win
: How they’ve been winning for years now. They’re just a great team. They’ve had 11 different players lead them in scoring this season and have a very capable bench.
How The 76ers Will Win: Get out and run with Andre Miller feeding Andre Iguodala, then somehow force a very smart team in the Pistons to create stupid turnovers.