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NBA Playoff Preview: Spurs vs. Suns

by Robbie Gillies

#3 San Antonio Spurs vs. #6 Phoenix Suns
(Season Series –3-1 Suns)

Average Score: 93-86 Suns

Best Chance Of A Fight:
Bruce Bowen & Raja Bell
History: Remember this? Things could get chippy in this series. (Here's Nash's response)
Most Difficult To Officiate: Shaquille O'Neal banging in the post against Fabricio Oberto flopping
Battle Of The 6th Man: Manu Ginobili vs. Leandro Barbosa - It's not even fair to call Ginobili a sixth man since he leads the Spurs in scoring.
Most Intriguing Match-up: Tim Duncan vs. Shaquille O'Neal - Two of the top ten best big men ever will square off. Duncan has much better stats than Shaq this season, but Shaq might bring the toughness the Suns need to beat the Spurs.
Glenn Robinson Award ("He’s Still In The League?" Award): Damon “Mighty Mouse” Stoudamire OR Jacque Vaughn OR Kurt Thomas OR Brent Barry OR Robert Horry OR Michael Finley. Wow the Spurs are old. Maybe this should be changed to the Spurs Award.
Series Nickname: Assisted Living Series - These are the two oldest teams in the playoffs. The Spurs average age is 31.4 and the Suns are 29.6.
Player To Pull For: Grant Hill. He was amazing when he was healthy, but even when injured he never complained. He's turned himself into a great roll player and has always been a great teammate. Even if you hate Duke, you kinda have to root for Grant Hill (unless you are from Orlando).
Simpsons References: Brian Skinner And DJ “Some of these guys have a bad attitude Skip” Strawberry.


Cheesy Headline If The Spurs Win: "Suns Too Hot For Spurs"
Cheesy Headline If The Suns Lose: "The Big Cactus Wilts In San Antonio"
How The Spurs Will Win: Very, very, boringly (not a word).
How The Suns Will Win: Very, very, excitingly (same).