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NHL Playoff Preview: Ducks vs. Stars

by Jeff Briggs

Since I, nor most anyone I know follows hockey religiously I asked someone who does to take a look at the upcoming hockey playoffs. For this I turned to my roommate John, who not only follows hockey, but may be the only person alive who subscribes to the NHL Center Ice package.

#4 Anaheim Ducks vs. #5 Dallas Stars
(Season Series – Stars Lead 5-2-1)

The 2007 Stanley Cup Champions come in riding high after finishing the season with 20 wins in their last 26 games. The Ducks were not the same until Scott Neidermayer and Teemu Selanne decided to pull a Roger Clemens (without the steroids), and return halfway through the season. The Dallas Stars’ finish to the season did not look like their start to the season. After picking up one of the best 2 way players in the game, Brad Richards, they began to slide and lost their hold on the Pacific Division; Eventually dropping all the way to the #5 seed in the West. Instead of home ice advantage in the first two rounds, they now have to go into one of the most difficult places in the league to play, “The Duck Pond.” The name isn’t too scary, but teams have only 28 wins in the last 2 seasons there (for non NHLers…that’s not good). Although the Stars won the season series rather convincingly, the playoffs are a different animal. Although I like what Dallas did at the deadline to improve their scoring punch, this is not the first round match-up they wanted. Their slide at the end of the season will be even more painful when the hard hitting Ducks take it to them.


Ducks in 6 games.