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Steelers Fan Gets Special Sauce

by Robbie Gillies

We all know Steelers fans are especially irritating, but they probably don't deserve this.

Jim Moore of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

A Port Orchard cook faces a possible fourth-degree assault charge for spitting on a Big Mac ordered by a Bremerton man.
The Port Orchard cook is a Seahawks fan who is still steamed about the loss in the Super Bowl two years ago, and the Bremerton man was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey.
One employee told Brocksome that he better not let the cook know that he's a Steelers fan. Brocksome thought the employee was just kidding around. But when he got his Big Mac, he opened the cardboard container and noticed spit on the top of the box. Brocksome described the spit as dripping off the hamburger and called it a loogie. He summoned the shift manager, Christopher Siegman, who inspected the burger and the box and agreed that it looked like spit to him, too.

My favorite part of the article is where the Deputy Jeff Schaefer describes seeing the burger:

It was a pristine burger. It was still intact. With two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese, you wouldn't expect (saliva) right on top where you could see it.

It just shows how infectious McDonald's commercials are.

I don't think the customer was "Lovin' It".

The story gets even more bizarre when the Deputy went to the cook's house and subsequently arrested him for possession of marijuana.

I know what you're thinking...the cook was not former Seahawks TE Jerramy Stevens.