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The Benefits Of Being Tall

by Robbie Gillies

This has to be a question basically all NBA players are asked: What's it like being tall? Well, Channing Frye answers that very question in his blog! (I think it's mandatory to use an exclamation point after the world blog!)

Here's a list of his pros and cons:


* It’s ok for me to ask for the exit row at the airplane
* I can hide things in places that no one will ever find
* It doesn’t hurt when playing basketball, volleyball, or tetherball
* I get called cool nicknames like Stretch, Big Guy, Big Fella, Tall Drink of Water, and Humungo
* I don’t have to be picky about a girl’s height because none of them are taller than me
* I get the biggest short size all the time because I have the longest legs
* I get automatic shotgun at all times
* When I order a lot more food than what I can eat they always give me a quick look then say “I guess you need to eat; you’re such a big boy.”

Looks like Frye won't be dating seven foot and seven inches Yao Defen.


And tetherball? Do people still play this besides Napoleon Dynamite?


And I have one question for you Frye - What's the cut-off for automatic shotgun? I know you're much taller than me at 6'11, but at 6'3 it always comes down to a game of rock, paper, scissors for shotgun.


* Growing up I could never get any of the cool shoes in my size
* No matter what I wear, unless it’s a basketball jersey, I feel like it’s just not made for people my size (I personally just make it look good)
* Even though small cars are cool I can’t fit comfortably in any of them. I try and save the earth by conserving gas but I can’t fit in a Subaru or Honda, so I ride in a really simple Tahoe. I try to do my part.
* No matter what seat I have on an airplane, unless it’s the team plane, NOTHING is comfortable — absolutely nothing. It’s a mental battle the whole trip trying to keep my knees from the people in front of me smashing them with their seats. I mean, seriously, do you not see the 7-ft man behind you? Do you think it’s cool to slam your chair back on our 330-hr flight?

Wow, can you tell he lives in Portland going all environmental on us? You should move to LA where you can drive your SUV and still pretend you're in on the cool trend of saving the planet.

Other than that, I mean, there really aren’t any other cons.

Looks like he hasn't talked to his teammate Greg Oden.

"I can't go to the amusement park because I can't ride the roller coasters."