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Chris Bosh Now Has Plenty Of Time To Make Creepy Videos

by Robbie Gillies

Raptors Forward, Chris Bosh burst on the viral video scene with a hilarious self-promotional video of him playing a car salesman and telling people to vote him in as an All-Star. It was creative, had some production value, and it's always great to see that an athlete has a good sense of humor.

He then followed that video up introducing us to Blane Harrington. Not bad. Definitely some potential there, but definitely paled in comparison to his debut.

Now, three months later, and the Raptors eliminated from the playoffs, we finally get the follow-up to the initial Blane Harrington video:

Now this is just getting creepy. What is this guy's deal? I guess this is what happens when you have millions of dollars and lots of time on your hands...no, actually that's what makes this kinda creepy. If you have tons of time and millions of dollars, you travel the world and go out and do beer bongs like Matt Leinart. You don't make crazy videos of yourself playing multiple characters for no particular reason.