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A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Lakers' Game 4 Win

by Ryan Hudson

When a reporter asks Kobe Bryant in a postgame press conference, "What the hell happened out there?", chances are good that things did not go well for the Lakers. Such was the case tonight in L.A., where the home team somehow managed to blow a record 24-point lead to fall behind 3-1 in the NBA Finals, a deficit no team has ever overcome.

To play Dr. Jack Ramsey for a moment: it sure seemed like the Lakers had trouble with Boston's smaller line-up (Garnett, Allen, Pierce, House and a pretty amazing Posey). And the 33% FG-shooting in the second half - after a 50% clip in the first half - certainly didn't help the Lakers, either.

In a classic game like this, there were many individual performances of note - Odom's first half, Posey's shooting, Allen's 48-minutes and Pierce's smothering defense - but in the end, it was a team win, by a team that never stopped believing they could come all the way back. And comeback they did.

The Boston Celtics, one win away from a NBA Championship.