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Chris Douglas-Roberts Is Going To Have To Follow Seinfeld's Advice

by Robbie Gillies

By almost all analysts, Derrick Rose is expected to be taken first overall by the Chicago Bulls. But, it's something his former teammate at Memphis, Chris Douglas-Roberts said that has caught my attention less than a week before the Draft. From an interview in Dime Magazine:

There's a rumor that you've never lost a game of one-on-one in your entire life. True? That is true. DK [Derek Kellogg] knows I've never lost one. I've never lost one though. You could ask around from my being in Detroit, or any of my teammates, we played a lot of one-on-one. A lot of the guys were close. Derrick [Rose], Robert [Dozier], a lot of them were close. But I've never lost one. Ever.

ESPN's Chad Ford slates Chris Douglas-Roberts going 27th overall to the New Orleans Hornets. So, he's nowhere near the best projected player in the Draft. Once NBA players hear about CDR's undefeated streak, he is going to have a lot of challengers. Whether he has never lost or not, he will eventually lose to SOMEONE in the NBA, unless he follows advice from the TV show Seinfeld.

In the episode "The Race" Jerry explains that In 9th grade he was involved in a race in which he jumped the gun without anyone noticing.

JERRY: I had won by so much a myth began to grow about my speed. Only Duncan suspected something was amiss. He's hated me ever since and now he's back.

ELAINE: What happened when you raced him again?

JERRY: I never did. In four years of High School I never raced anyone again, Not even to the end of the block or to catch a bus. And so the legend grew. Everyone wanted me to race, they begged me. The track coach called my parents pleading. Telling them it was a sin to waste my god-given talent. But I answered him the same way I answered everyone. I choose not to race!

Douglas-Roberts, it's time you take that same stance and choose never to play one-on-one again, lest risking your mythological status as perhaps the only people ever to be undefeated in one-on-one.

(H/T: TrueHoop)