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Cubs Remain At Top Of Rankings, Brewers Moving Up

by Jeff Briggs

The Cubs remain at the top of the RCS Rankings, for the second consecutive week, and have not fallen below fourth all season.

In fact, little has changed at the top of the RCS Power Rankings, nine of last weeks top 10 remain in the top 10 this week. The new entry to the top 10 is the Milwaukee Brewers, who two weeks ago were buried at 22nd in the rankings, and have now moved all the way up to a tie for 9th. The Brewers are the fastest rising team on the list, up 7 spots from last week, and are starting to look like the team that was ranked 2nd on April 15th.

The Diamondback spend their second consecutive week out of the top 10, after being in the top 5 in all prior weeks. The Diamondbacks have been slumping and their lead in the pathetic NL West (ranks 12, 21, 24, 25, and 29) has fallen to 3.5 games.