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Cubs & WGN Turn Back The Clock

by Robbie Gillies

Today WGN turned back the clock all the way to 1948. The players wore throwback jerseys, the sponsors had their old school looks, and they even used the same camera angles as they did back then. And let me tell you, thank God for technology. I liked the idea and I even liked watching how baseball used to be, but watching it, you realize it is SO much better now. I'm not the biggest fan of baseball either, but there is no way I could watch a full game without close-ups or the center field camera. There is no way to tell if it's a ball or a strike. It's basically like sitting in the upper deck the whole game. Oh yeah, and no replays.

Cubs (02)
by bsap11

The score even reflected an old-time game with the Cubs winning 3-2 in the 11th inning. No word if any fans did in fact, tie an onion to their belt.

VIDEO COURTESY: Awful Announcing