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Doug Christie Thinks He Was Black Balled From NBA

by Robbie Gillies

Since former referee Tim Donaghy has claimed games were fixed and specifically alluding to the Lakers/Kings Western Conference Finals in 2002, the media, coaches, and players have weighed in with their thoughts. Well, Doug Christie is the latest to add his thoughts from his blog:

I am devastated to the point of feeling physically sick!…What’s "real" and what’s fake? So many and so much has been effected by these turn of events, not to mention that the fans didn’t get a chance to see the "true champions." I can just hear all of the nay-sayers now, saying, "He’s just mad because they didn’t win the championship."…Well, now we know why (if these allegations are true). It’s hard enough that you are facing the defending champs, hall of fame players and coaches, but you are also playing 5 on 8 (come on!)…What really makes me mad in the turn of events since then is the fact that these events have turned into what I consider a black balling of myself in the NBA!!

A champion is treated in a whole different light. They are valued in the locker room and commercially on a whole different level. For years, my wife and I have been ridiculed and talked about like we are weird, all because we did not fit the "mold" of what the culture breeds in the NBA. It got to the point that these stories would precede us to the point that teams thought that I (i.e. we) would be a problem. That is bogus!!!!

So, Christie thinks if he had won a championship he wouldn’t have been ridiculed for his odd relationship with his wife? In case you missed the stories, Doug Christie was not allowed to have contact with any woman but his wife. Jackie also attacked Rick Fox while Fox was going after Christie in a preseason game. I’d say that not only does that not fit the “mold” of the NBA culture, I’d say that doesn’t fit the “mold” of any normal culture. Winning a championship would not have changed your teammates and other players bagging on you for being attached to a very short leash. Looks like you made the choice to be black balled instead of blue balled (yeah that was an inordinately long post to get across a very juvenile joke).