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Joe Girardi Gives Mike Mussina A Softy

by Robbie Gillies

Girardi and the Yankees have to be pleasantly surprised by Mike Mussina's production this season. Last season he went just 11-10 with a 5.15 ERA. He was even pulled from the starting rotation towards the end of the season. But, this year he already has 10 wins, which puts him in a tie for the league lead.

Now, Girardi is rewarding Mussina for his excellent production. He is giving Mussina ice cream privileges. Prior to the season, Girardi banned sweets from the clubhouse. Apparently, Mussina made a deal with Girardi that when he hits 10 wins he could have his ice cream back.

It took me till September last year. They must have thought this was a lock-solid bet.

At 15 wins he can drink his Mountain Dew's and at 20 he can look like David Wells. Don't worry, Mussina never reaches 20 wins.