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Marshawn Lynch Is Gonna Be Just ($100) Fine

by Robbie Gillies

When news broke that Marshawn Lynch was involved in a hit and run, I saw the Bills upcoming season flashing before my eyes: Trent Edwards getting sacked five times a game, having a starting RB who went to Coe College (Fred Jackson), a severe lack of deep passes sending Lee Evans into a Chad Johnson-esque hissy-fit, and, perhaps worst of all, no more brilliantly crafted blog posts from Lynch.

But, for all the speculation surrounding Lynch and the possible legal ramifications, in the end, he received a $100 traffic ticket and his license is getting revoked. Lynch issued this statement:

"Please know that I was unaware that my car had made contact with anyone until after this investigation had begun. I would never knowingly leave the scene of an accident and did not do so in this instance."

The trouble for Lynch might just be getting started though, as Commissioner Goodell plans to investigate the situation. Goodell's bad-side is not a place you want to be.

Who would've guessed Marshawn Lynch wasn't the greatest driver.