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Missouri Freshman Must Hate His Roommate

by Robbie Gillies

Incoming Missouri freshman, Kim English is taking advantage of the training facilities. English is in Colombia, I assume taking summer courses and he's also training for the upcoming basketball season. He's been getting up at 7:15am to shoot hundreds of jump shots before moving on to weightlifting among other activities. Given his commute, if he's getting up at 7:15am he probably arrives at the gym around, I'd say, 7:15am.
From the Kansas City Star:

English sleeps in a leather chair that he drags from the players’ lounge to the locker room, allowing him to work around the clock.

Now that's some dedication, or maybe it's just laziness. He only lives half a mile from the facility. Maybe he should be jogging to the facility in the morning to get a little bit of cardio. If English continues to do this there will no doubt be some great pranks played on him. He better scan that locker room for sharpies.