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President of Red Sox Nation Has His Big Day

by Ryan Hudson

Allow me, if you will, a bit of self-indulgence (and, yes, another post about Boston sports): today is Jerry Remy Day over at NESN.

On April 6, 1988, Remy joined NESN as the network’s Red Sox color analyst. Since joining NESN, he has worked over 2,700 Red Sox games as a broadcaster, won four Emmy Awards and was named the Massachusetts Sportscaster of the Year in 2004. He was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2006 and was voted President of Red Sox Nation by fans of the team in 2007.

Clearly, my thoughts are biased, but Remy, with Don Orsillo doing the play-by-play, are the best local announcers in baseball. Others have noticed, too, because I've heard Remy on the Fox national broadcasts on occasion. Although, his whole thing with Wally was always a bit odd, I thought.

As good as Remy is talking baseball, he's probably at his absolute best (again, along with Orsillo) when the game's out of hand and the two of them have time for unrelated topics, like say, flying pizza in the stands.

Anyway, congratulations to Remy.

(H/T: Surviving Grady)