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Rick Sutcliffe, a Fan of Erin Andrews

by Ryan Hudson

Rick Sutcliffe, former MLB pitcher and current ESPN baseball announcer, perhaps best known around these parts for suggesting that George Clooney could go over to Iraq and "solve that thing," was at work last night during the Braves-Cubs broadcast, and like many a man has been known to do, he got a bit distracted by Erin Andrews and her outfit.

Big League Stew provides some nice highlights of Sutcliffe, who remains on the road to recovery after being diagnosed with colon cancer during spring training.
"I've got a new favorite color," Sutcliffe said in a fashion that brought back memories of that impromptu appearance in the Padres' booth. "I know that, man."

Partner Dave O'Brien took the opportunity created by Andrews to start talking about Sutcliffe's plans to take some more time off for cancer treatments.

But Sutcliffe wasn't quite ready to go there just yet, saying that beating cancer wasn't the biggest of his concerns these days.

"Well, I'm more worried about Erin, than I was me. Wearing that skirt tonight in the Windy City? You think all eyes weren't on her during batting practice?"

The awkwardness that followed was priceless. Thanks to Sutcliffe for reminding us that even Erin's co-workers still get a bit flustered around her. Keep fighting the good fight, Sut.