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by Ryan Hudson

For a moment yesterday, Rocco Mediate was just like the rest of us: in awe of Tiger Woods. After hobbling around for four days, sometimes using his club as a crutch, Tiger needed to sink a 12-foot birdie putt on 18 to force a tie with Mediate. Of course, he made it.

Having already finished his round, Mediate, the complete opposite of Tiger if there ever was one - joking and laughing on his walk up to the 18th green - was off the course, watching on a small television. As Tiger's putt dropped, Rocco had the same reaction we all did: "Unbelievable. I knew he'd make it."

Scary thing is, he's right: was there any doubt that Tiger was making that putt? He continues to give us moments that make us shake our head in disbelief.

Tiger is why people scream and cry about sports. He is entertainment to the max. He is one man, making a sport more exciting than any other.

Today, in an 18-hole playoff, that excitement continues. Will Tiger's knee hold-up through 90 holes in five days? Can Rocco stare down Tiger, avoid blinking, and pull out the unthinkable win? We'll all find out today. The fun begins at noon.

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