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What To Watch: Wednesday

by Robbie Gillies

11:50am - ESPN2 - Euro 2008: Czech Republic vs. Portugal - I hear the "Czech Republic will need an "impeccable" defensive performance if they are to have any chance of beating Portugal".

2:30pm - ESPN2 - Euro 2008: Switzerland vs. Turkey
- These teams have some bad blood between them.

8pm - ESPN - Braves @ Cubs - Reasons to watch this game: 1. Chipper Jones is batting .420 (although he could miss the game due to a small quad tear.
2. The Cubs have the best record in baseball.
3. Cubs look to win their 10th straight at Wrigley.

Non-sports pick - 9:30pm - NBC - Celebrity Circus
- So it has come to this. The summer TV season. "Celebrities" try to do circus acts. And who's the host?? Joey Fatone? How can you possibly resist? Time to fire up the Netflix.