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Agent Zero Likes Fast Bikes, Not A Big Fan of Milwaukee

by Jeff Briggs

Don't worry - not bikes like Ben Roethlisberger rides, bikes like Lance Armstrong rides.

A friend of the site, who works at an outdoors-store in the DC-area, had a high-profile blogger/NBA player come in today: Gilbert Arenas. What did Gil want? -- naturally, a bike that will allow him to go "as fast as possible."

Maybe he was inspired by the Tour de France, or perhaps it was the rising gas prices affecting his decision. Either way, with his new $111 million contract, I bet he can afford a pretty sweet bike. Considering how much Arenas works out, a bike is probably one of the more reasonable purchases Arenas has ever made (one of his goals in life is to own every DVD ever made).

I know at least one place Arenas will not be riding his new bike: Milwaukee. In his most recent blog post, Agent Zero weighed in on player moves this summer, and regarding Richard Jefferson signing with the Bucks, he had this to say:

Richard Jefferson going to Milwaukee …. HAHAHA! Oh man, now that is funny. When I heard that, I started laughing. Oh man, did I start laughing. You know why? Because every player hates Milwaukee. Nobody wants to live in Milwaukee. I’m sorry, Milwaukee, to come down hard on you, but no one in the NBA wants to play in Milwaukee. From him going from New Jersey, actually from New York (because he lives in New York), from New York to Milwaukee is like going … let’s just say it’s not going to sit well with you. That was a funny one when I heard that one. I know Yi is happy though.

Gilbert's disdain for Milwaukee is no surprise. Milwaukee is a sausage town, and we all know Gil is a burger guy. Maybe Arenas doesn't make the Wizards the most talented team in the East, but I'm sure glad he's staying in D.C.